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Welcome Sister,

We are Hannah, Jessa, Rizza and Sam. There was a time in each of our lives when we each felt anxious, people pleasing, indecisive, alone, depressed, low energy, a lack of motivation and always thinking, "Oh when I do this or have that I will feel better." We felt that life was lackluster and we couldn't fully follow through on any of our dreams, intentions and goals and they weren't fulfilling us.

We discovered that no health food product, one time class, or accomplishment was a solution. The true transformation of all these emotions was being guided deeper inside ourselves to meet the root of the 'problems' with softness and change our relationship to what we experienced.

Together, in sisterhood, we discovered that the true work was rediscovering the juicy pleasure of being alive, awakening the passion of our hearts, calming our nervous systems with true rest, reclaiming the power and strength that lives in our bodies and transforming our lives from the inside out.


Now we have come home to our bodies as vessels for pleasure, aliveness, and empowerment and have created lives that allows for more softness, spaciousness, ease, and pleasure.

At Yoni Temple School we provide a space for deep transformation and give you the practices and tools to help you navigate all your challenges in your daily life.


You have the power to transform your life and take your power back.

You have the ability to WOMBMANIFEST (create it from your womb!) the life that you desire and feel fully alive and whole within yourself.

Reclaim the intuitive knowing and wisdom of your womb and body.

Reclaim your power.

Reclaim your fullest, most alive, confident, passionate self.


Hannah, Rizza, Jessa, and Sam

(that's us above <3)



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Detox from the emotional and spiritual stress of 2020. Drop into your intuitive knowing. Reconnect with your sacred center of creative energy, your expansive heart, wild Spirit, and Divine Nature. Reclaim the wisdom and guidance from your inner Wise Woman. Connect deeper with the support of Spirit and Source energy.

Join us for a 5-day manifestation journey working with elemental embodiment and the wisdom of the Wise Woman (aka Crone) archetype. This retreat incorporates daily embodied movement & breathwork classes, earth-body meditation journeys, dance as prayer and activation, sound healing, flower blessing ceremonies, herbal plant spirit journeys, breast and womb self-massage circles, fire drumming ceremonies, heart-song circles, menstrual reverence practices for manifestation, group cooking sessions with ingredients freshly picked from the farm ourselves... and more!


This retreat blends the sacred light and the primal earth wisdom. This is a spiritual retreat focused on manifesting through embodiment. At Yoni Temple School we honor the power of being a divine spirit of light housed within a primal animal body. As such, this is not an all "light and love" experience. We do not bypass the true feelings and shadows that are a real part of your experience. Instead, we integrate them as a pathway to sourcing the light - the gifts, lessons, and medicines - that come from them.

The private farm in Malibu provides a rustic-style escape with breathtaking views of the majestic Santa Monica mountains and is located right across from the best beaches in Southern California. Enjoy classes and circles in the sacred Yoni Temple lotus belle tent, time around the campfire under the stars, and ceremonies at the ocean.

Space is limited to just 16 women.

Feeling the "YES!" in your womb already?

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  • 5 retreat days from 12-8pm

  • daily movement classes, womb work, breath work, and earth-body meditation journeys

  • 5 organic, farm to table dinners

  • 3 herbal plant spirit journeys

  • 1 Yoni Steam Goddess Circle

  • breast and womb self-massage circles

  • fire ceremony

  • ceremonies at the beach



"Before the retreat I felt a little run down spiritually, kind of like floating not knowing which way to go next. Now I feel so empowered with knowledge about my womb, sacred masculine and many more things and I feel like I know now how to better access feelings inside my body, especially when it comes to information stored in my womb."

-Jenna M.

"Hannah, Sam, Carissa, and Jess are wonderful, fearless facilitators of female empowerment and it was worth every dime I spent to be able to share in this cultivation of unconditional love with such a stellar group of women! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"


"This is a truly magical experience of self exploration, sensing your essence, an opportunity to sense what you truly desire and knowing it desires you back."

-Merari T. 

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Each day, we will embody the wisdom and medicine of the 5 elements to support your manifestations

Day 1 - SPACE

12pm Opening Ceremony - Illuminate the Womb Portal

1p Herbal Plant Spirit Journey

2p Cosmic Nature Movement Journey

3p Womb Journey to the Crystalline Earth Grid

4p Wise Womb Self-Massage

5p Farm to Table Communal Dinner

6p Embodied Visioning Quest w/ Grandmother Heart + Wombmanifestation Journal Practice

7:30p Clearing Space Fire Ceremony

Day 2 - Water

12p Mermaid Swim & Sacred Waters Movement Journey

2p Channeling the Ocean Wisdom

3:30p Crystalize Your Water Body

4p Rivers Within Meditation Journey

5p Farm to Table Communal Dinner 

6p Womb Steam Goddess Circle + Heart Song Circle 

7p Receiving Through Your Sacred, Sensuous Nature Self Massage and Movement Journey 

12p Nature Adventure in Topanga

Expanding Into Your Limitless Reach Breath Meditation

& Widen Your Energetic Field Movement Journey 

1:30p Manifestation Photo Shoot 

4p Journey Back to the Temple

5p Farm to Table Communal Dinner 

6 pm Expand Your Heart Herbal-Infused Cacao Connection 

7p Embody Your Capacity to Receive:

Heart Medicine Breathwork

7:30p Wombmanifestation Journal Practice 

Day 3 - AIR

Day 4 - EARTH

12 p Fierce Goddess Primal Pressing Activation Workout with Affirmations

2p Journey to the Womb of the Earth Meditation

3p Rewire Your Inner Earth Shadow Work

5p Farm to Table Dinner

6p Earth-Heart Breast and Womb Self-Massage

7p Primal Earth-Song Fire Ceremony  

Day 5 - FIRE

12p Creative Fire Activation

Fire Shaking to Release Old Patterns

Stoking the Womb Fires Within Meditation 

4p Fire of Transformation Visioning  

5p Farm to Table Dinner

6p Closing Ceremony:

Sharing circle, Embodied Dance of the Quantum Self, Wild Mandala Grid Making & Sealing the Portal

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....she is 1 of 4 archetypes that are foundational to understanding your feminine nature, and thus, your feminine power. The Wise Woman is especially helpful in manifestation as she represents the infinite creative potential of the womb and the eternal wisdom of all space. During this winter retreat, her presence will be strong with us and we will harness her wisdom, her guidance, and her medicine to get clear on your vision and effectively begin the process of planting new seeds in the fertile soil of your womb.



These are not your traditional yoga classes.


At Yoni Temple School, we are trained extensively in Amba Movement as well as feminine embodiment, emotion freedom movement and intuitive, imagery based dance practices. We work with the spiral-y, wild, nature of feminine consciousness in all of our movement classes and womb healing practices.


Through elemental embodiment, dance activation and dance as prayer, sensual movement, sacred shaking, and more, we'll teach you how to harness the medicines native to your body to drop into your most natural, authentic expression and to amplify the magnetic power of your radiant essence to attract and align with your manifestations.

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Herbal Plant Spirit Journeys, is an invitation to connect with the sacred plants of mother earth, open to recieve healing from herbal allies: physically and spiritually, through the wisdom of Mother Earth. During a plant journey, you are guided to meditate with a plant and connect through your body, learn about the energetics and properties of plants, creating relationship with the earth, land, and plants as sentient beings, teachers, elders, and healers. 


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True to its name, Wombmanifest will be held in a sacred womb cave. You will be transported into the vortex of the beautiful Yoni Temple Lotus Bell Tent. Remember the ancient and powerful medicine of women circling together within a magnetic portal. Allow its spiraled ceiling  and cream-colored canvas walls to hold you in nature's true, organic, original way of being and creating. Escape from the harsh materials and concrete lines of the modern world and return to your deepest truth, sweetly held by this exquisite structure in the most spectacular setting. 

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Malibu Fig


Nestled between the legendary Santa Monica Mountains and iconic Malibu beaches lies the treasure of Malibu Fig Ranch.  Female-owned by acclaimed forger Kerry Clasby, the farm boasts a daily Farmstand, educational classes, and farm to table dinners. The farm utilizes best practices in biodynamic farming and shares the wisdom that Kerry has been amazing from master farmers for decades.


Participants will have access to this incredibly beautiful property to reconnect with nature during Wombanifest. Feel the curves of the mountains in your back, gaze at the pink sky as the sun dips into the ocean, feel and taste fresh peppermint from the Earth, and dance around the fire pit under the stars. You will experience food as it was intended- planted, grown and prepared locally and with deep integrity of the Earth. 


This is the ultimate setting to support our journey home.


Mama Ocean

The beautiful, brilliant sea unfurls itself just steps away from Malibu Fig Ranch. Enjoy healing movement journeys dancing to her wild rhythms and sacred ceremonies on the beach to charge your intentions with the life force of ocean water.

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Enjoy dinners made with all-organic, vegan ingredients picked fresh the private farm and cooked into delectable soups and salads to nourish your body temple with the purest of Prana, life-force energy.

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"They are a perfect example of healthy sisterhood. Each uniquely and authentically in her power. Hannah, Carissa, Sam, and Jessa are always fully themselves and they meet each other's energy without dimming themselves or each other. It is really beautiful! This allows for integration of more lessons because there is no compromise needed; their differences compliment each other so well. They each bring their own magic to the table."

-Melissa E. 


Sam Rea

Sam's teachings are rooted in Meso American Culture and ancestral wisdom, holding space for Womxn to return back home in their body, feeling connected to their intuition and the earth, supporting all to feel held and seen, reclaiming  their expression and heart centered truth, unapologetically. 

Hannah Grasso

Hannah has a unique way of speaking directly to your body when guiding, bringing you into an ancient remembrance of your innate wisdom, pleasure, and expression. Her activating teachings are weaved with somatic healing, womb wisdom & menstrual reverence, archetypal exploration, and sacred sensuality. 

Jessica Kelton

Jessa brings her wild primal activation energy to every offering. Deeply heart centered, playfully soul connected to the Earth, and empowered in her vocal resonance, Jessa creates a space for each womxn to be profoundly celebrated in her fullest expression, as she believes this is the medicine that can heal the world.

Carissa Mosley


Rizza’s teaching is grounded in her deep love for and connection with the spirit of the earth. She is passionate about every woman living in love with who she is, knowing that all of creation is blessed by her presence and existence on earth. 



Have any questions? Want to talk to one of us on the phone before you commit?

Email us at hello@yonitempleschool.com and we'd love to set up a call! 

Price Includes: 5 retreat days 12-8pm, 5 organic vegan dinners, all classes and workshops, cacao ceremonies, herbal plant spirit journeys.

COVID Safety: In order to ensure the well being of all, all participants will be required to document a negative COVID-19 test result within 3 days before the start date of the retreat. 

Travel: We ask that all participants refrain from flight travel 10 days before the retreat. 


Not included in package price: Your transportation and overnight accommodations. The Yoni Temple School staff will assist you with all logistics and planning once you register. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are happy to assist.

Arrivals and Departures: All guests will fly into Los Angeles International Airport. Accommodations are not included. There are many local accommodation options to fit all budget needs, including Airbnb, camping, and hotels. All retreat attendees are required to find and book their own accommodations. We are happy to assist you with this as needed. Please reach out to us if you need help or assistance. 

Cancellation Policy: $1,500 non refundable deposit is required to book your space. Full balance is due 30 days prior to start date. All payments are non refundable, but are transferrable to a future retreat if a personal or family emergency arises and you have proper documentation. Email the team for payment plan options at hello@yonitempleschool.com.

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What Others Are Saying

"I would say it is worth every penny and then some. Before coming across the ad for the immersion on IG I told my higher self that if she just sent me a way I would take it without question. I did and the rewards have been incredible!"

"This is a truly magical experience of self exploration, sensing your essence, an opportunity to sense what you truly desire and knowing it desires you back."

"Do it! Hannah, Sam, Carissa, and Jess are wonderful, fearless facilitators of female empowerment and it was worth every dime I spent to be able to share in this cultivation of un-conditional love with such a stellar group of women! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

"Don't think about it and just do it. You won't regret it. It's hard to explain exactly what you do and experience that weekend, but it's worth it."

 "You get to take a deep dive into who you are because of the loving sacred space that’s created. This opportunity allows for much growth and healing. There is loving community and a deep love and appreciation for every woman’s process here."