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Moon Cycle Harmony

Hello love! Sam Rea and Juilaila here! We're so excited for you to get your hands on this free ebook and meditation that has only been available to our personal clients!

But BEFORE you download it, we have some important things to say.


We know you're ready to have a harmonious and balanced relationship to your womb and to your cycle. You're here to restore your life to your authentic blueprint of pleasure, vitality, feminine embodiment, in touch with your sacred sensuality and sexuality and magic!


Your journey through irregularities, imbalances, and pain is so sacred and we hold your process in our hands. Know this can be a journey and is not something that is usually "an easy fix" but a whole way of healing and new way of living.


We are not health care providers; we are powerful guides that lead you into your own most sovereign, magical healing power within you. We point you towards your own medicine within through guided movement, meditation, womb clearings and many other yoni embodiment practices. WE believe in this power of embodiment work above all else for your most sacred spiritual healing.

However, we have put together an ebook here with our most powerful herbal and lifestyle and diet recommendations based on our own experience. We hope that you find it helpful and please let us know if you do! (reach out on IG 😘)

ONE MORE THING: make sure to below for a free call as part of this gift so we can help you further through any issues you may be experiencing and to help you rise into your most pleasurable life! Don't worry, this is not a pushy sales call, we're so excited to connect and serve you. 

Okay love, now keep scrolling for that ebook!


(we recommend you print it out as well <3)

Cycle Archetypes ebook_edited.jpg

Who are we?

We are womb warriors, leaders, and priestesses of the Sovereign Sacred Womb. We are Juilaila and Sam Rea and we have been on a lifelong journey with womb work and feminine healing. We have certifications in womb massage, feminine embodied movement, herbs and plant spirit medicines, and womb work and we have been working with women for the past 4 years, together & individually, with group programs, retreats, and teacher trainings and 1:1. Our offerings are here to empower you to live an embodied, empowered, confident, sensuous and powerful life connected to your womb and sensuality. Through the Yoni Temple Method of embodiment we have created, we show you the way to the radiant light bliss of your essence + connection to Spirit that lives within your womb and guide a whole new way of being and living for a new earth full of powerful, femme leaders ready to change the world.

Orgasmic Earth Meditation with Juilaila:
20 min long meditation to fully relax your whole body, open to the blissful pleasure of simply breathing with the earth into your body. This is great to prepare for following womb meditation. 


to womb connection

These are more than simply "meditations". We are guiding you into a very specific and powerful healing frequency. Come back to both of these practices daily if possible to experience deeper and deeper results. Especially tune into both during each of the 4 phases of your cycle. These practices will be different for you every day and you will notice especially huge differences in your different phases. Your full presence in the practice will be different every day, hold yourself in grace and know your attention and ability to drop into a more deep and powerful, visual and sensory space will increase with time. This practice increases your sensitivity and ability to stay more present INSIDE your body. This will serve you in all areas of your life. 

_DSC7470 copy 2.jpg

Wise Womb Journey Meditation with Sam Rea: 
Connect to your womb with this simple and powerful 16 min practice. Go on a journey into the powerful cosmic golden egg of your womb; your source of creativity, flooding light and come home into her warm embrace. 

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