Medicine Sisters


Sister, dream with us for a moment... 

Imagine...Living in harmony with your body from a space of deep understanding and connection to your cycles, your body wisdom, your intuition, your heart…. & having

a deep sense of empowered ownership over your womb health, feminine health, and your vitality 


Imagine...Growing with a heart-centered community of medicine womxn around the world, coming together in authentic connection, to keep you consistently inspired and supported as you dive deep together into embodiment, earth connection, womb wisdom, menstrual reverence, sacred sensuality, herbal plant spirit medicine, and so much more! 


Imagine...Always feeling grounded in your radiance & confidently expressing this in your work and soul purpose…. and anytime you waver from this knowing, you have the tools, practices, & supportive network of womxn at your fingertips (literally, there’s an app!) to ground you back into Truth and into your power

Here's the BIG & sacred problem...

Let’s face it. Womxn have been robbed of our birthright connection to the full power of our bodies. Most of us did not grow up with a proper initiation into womanhood and in fact, were likely shamed for the parts of ourselves that made us womxn - our periods, our sexuality, our emotions and feminine intuition.

And even for womxn who do go down the path of spirituality, find themselves in practices like yoga and meditation - which are beautiful and powerful - but they do not foster a connection to the gifts and the arts of being a womxn


We’re left with a deep sense of longing - longing to fully understand our bodies, longing to integrate the parts of ourselves we were made to feel embarrassed or wrong for, longing for a deep connection to the divine feminine within us that ultimately, is our true essence. 

If we’re lucky to have them in our area, we go to random moon circles, yoga classes, and sound healing workshops, but they often don’t foster the depth and opportunity to form soul-level, lasting connections

with other womxn

We hear about more intensive programs or trainings that sound like they would provide the container for real growth, consistency, and community but these programs are a huge investment and

we may never feel ready to take the leap


We are sold the lie that being a womxn is inherently a painful and burdensome experience, rather than being empowered into our birthright experience, which is PLEASURE.

We’re told that it is “normal” to experience intense, irregular and painful periods, hormonal acne, painful sex, infertility, and so much else, and when we seek help in understanding the roots of our experience, the best support we receive is masking it with birth control or numbing it away with medication, which only further disconnects us from our natural cycles and from our body wisdom. 


We embark on a path of cultivating a deeper connection to our feminine in a masculine world and thus we either don’t know where to look or tend to swing between many different practices, feeling alone on the journey and frustrated from the sense that we are not embodied in our full, true power.


As womxn we hold the memories in our tissues, bones, and blood the remembrance of a time when we would gather and midwife one another into our true power and embodiment….


But this remembrance has been clouded by lifetimes of conditioned competition, betrayal, and distrust among girls and womxn 

The Medicine Sisters Membership

a virtual space for womxn who desire belonging within an

earth-rich sisterhood of womxn who RISE together by continuously deepening their embodiment of their wildest, richest, most energetically and soul-aligned essence;

or as we like to call it -


your medicine.

Presented by the Co-Creatress' of

Yoni Temple School

Hannah Grasso

Sam Rea &

Carissa Mosley

What's in the membership?

A beautiful, earth-rich sisterhood +

LIVE & Pre-Recorded Classes and Workshops exploring...

Herbal Plant Spirit Medicine

In depth journeying with a physical and spiritual connection to the ancient wisdom of plant medicine. 

Movement Medicine

& Embodiment

Harness your divine earth power through Amba Movement, African Dance, Belly Dance, & more. Explore embodiment through inner child work, shadow & emotional alchemy & more.

Womb Empowerment &

Sacred Sensuality

Womb healing journeys, breast & womb massage, ceremonial menstruation, yoni steam courses and  circles, jade egg & crystal wand practices, and so much more.

  • This membership is ALIVE - which means you'll have access to a continuously growing library, updated every month, of Pre-Recorded Embodiment & Womb Empowerment Workshops for you to journey through at your own pace 
    ($4,000 value)

  • Plus, once a month LIVE Embodiment & Womb Empowerment Workshops lead by one of the Yoni Temple School Guides, a special guest expert, OR you can apply to teach one of your own workshops! ($1,200 value)

  • Twice Monthly Amba Movement LIVE Classes lead by certified Amba Movement Teachers ($600 value)

  • Receive a monthly Medicine Letter detailing the archetype, element, goddess, or plant spirit we are journeying with together in the membership that month with journal prompts and a playlist to evoke the energy of this medicine

  • Then, we'll go into deep exploration with the month's archetype, element, goddess, or plant spirit during our virtual New Moon Sharing Circles, exclusive to Medicine Sisters, to attune to the energetic frequency as a sisterhood. New Moon Circles also include the option to yoni steam together with herbs that resonate with the month's medicine focus ($400 value)

  • Plus, get FREE access to monthly Full Moon Circles that are open to members and non-members ($396 value)

  • Can't make it LIVE? You'll have access to all recordings of LIVE Amba Movement classes, Embodiment & Womb Empowerment workshops for you to watch on your own time and return back to whenever you like! ($1,800 value)

  • Receive a recorded womb meditation, womb journey, or earth resonance meditation every month specially channeled through one of the Yoni Temple Sisters ($200 value)

  • Exclusive Medicine Sisters mobile app to access anywhere, anytime from your phone or computer and engage in empowering conversations with your medicine sisters! ($200)

  • Priority enrollment for all future retreats and training programs held by Yoni Temple School

  • A worldwide community of embodied medicine sisters to form life-long friendships with (priceless!)

  • Plus, find Medicine Sisters in your area to meet up and connect with in real life! 

This is for YOU if...

You are the woman who is here to shake things up & disrupt the patterns and beliefs of those whom came before you which keep you small and our planet sick.

You're here to continuously remember your greatness and reclaim the parts of you shamed into silence that you know once broken free, will heal the blocks which hinder your greatness & will magnetize your highest desires to your physical reality.

You're here to show up, shine light on your shadows, unravel the old ways, & have sacred FUN creating the life, expression, & relationships you dream of.

You're here to be deeply, intimately connected to your womb + heart + body + the earth & all of nature.

You're here to know fully the sacred power held within your cycles, sensing your unique rhythms & living guided by the wild wisdom held within your body.

You're here to hold and be held in a community of womxn that keep each other accountable, inspired, supported, vulnerable & in check with your heart-centered, womb-powered Truth. 

In this sacred sisterhood community, women rise together.

The Investment

The total value of this membership is

over $8800! 

Monthly Subscription


(already an incredible deal!)

Annual Member


one-time payment of $239

Beauty, yes! You can get all of this incredibly empowering and transformative content and community essentially for *less* than the cost of one of our Full Moon Circles. 

Which, by the way, you will automatically have free access to in addition to all of the other incredible offerings inside of the memebrship.

Our Pillars

You are the medicine. We believe that YOU in full embodiment of your unique essence, your pleasure, your rage, your power, your spirit, your body, and your ancestry...IS the medicine. We are committed to supporting your remembrance and reclamation of YOU. All of the practices, circles, rituals, gatherings, and workshops within the Medicine Sisters Membership offer portals and pathways back home for you to cultivate and strengthen your connection to your unique medicine.

Womb Empowerment. Thousands of years of shame and violence towards the power of feminine nature - our menstrual cycles, our bodies, our expression, our medicine -  has left many womxn void of the opportunity to know the power and healing available within their precious, wild, sacred womb space. This is a supportive community with education and practices for all womxn to live an embodied experience of your womb wisdom and the healing that can occur not just in your own life, but in that of your matriarchal and ancestral lines.

Sacred Sistership. Through the Medicine Sisters membership, you are tapped in to a worldwide family of medicine womxn who are also devoted to showing up for their own aliveness and continuous embodiment. This a sacred sisterhood community where womxn are supported in living a womb empowered life connected to the earth, her body, and heart-centered Truth. It's not a path you must journey along on your own. Rather, by being held in sacred sistership, each womxn reaches a greater capacity to access her own power and embodiment - and we do it together.

Decolonization. We recognize the deep need for weaving in sacred honor for the origins and lineages of many practices shared within the Medicine Sisters Membership. This is a space to celebrate all wom(e)(x)(b)(y)n, and we work to ensure that womxn representative of various cultures, backgrounds, colors, genders, or non-genders are given space and voice within this community. This healing work is for All. We aim to provide you with education on the ancestral roots and lineages of these practices, and to also include facilitators who are of these roots.

You share, too. Have a practice or message to share? Apply to lead a workshop! Have products, services, or other sacred offerings? Apply to list your store or services on our Medicine Sisters Directory. This is your space to own your voice, own your power, and share your medicine!




Sister, this is a time where we get to ask ourselves,

"What do I CHOOSE to invest my money, my love, my energy, and my awareness into?"

Cultivating the highest embodiment of your medicine is worth way more than investing just $20-30/mo in.


So, Earth Goddess, let's raise the consciousness of this planet together, one womxn at a time.