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Root into your heart and body

through anchored love, embodied connection, nourishment, and earth ritual.

When we gather in sisterhood on the Full Moons as we did in ancient times, we ignite and activate our heart + womb and the heart + womb of humanity.

Through this act of love, we have the power to reconnect and remember our inner wisdom, call upon the support of source and each other, as we navigate through shedding the blocks or layers that no longer serve us.

We create space for our inner-radiance to rise and embody the beautiful life we are born to live.


Join us for our monthly global virtual Full Moon Wombyn circle infused with ritual, Amba Movement, dance activation, connection to the elements, guided Wise Womb self-massage, alter magic, sharing circle, and deep nourishment. 


This is a safe space for all womxn to gather as we root into the power of community. May we rise together during transformative times, anchoring into the power of heart medicine and womb connection. 



*** You do not have to have a physical womb to join circle. The word "womb" represents more than just an organ, but the entirety of the energetic space that is the portal of ALL forms of creation.


All of you is welcome and we look forward to connecting with you!! 

WHAT: Yoni Temple School Full Moon Wombyn's Circle 

WHERE: Online Global Gathering via Zoom. 

PRICE: $22 Early Bird | $33 GENERAL 




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