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Opening January 17th

Harness the power of your menstrual cycle and manifest a bloody magical beautiful life.-3.
Harness the power of your menstrual cycle and manifest a bloody magical beautiful life. (2

The Ultimate course on how to live in harmony and balance with your emotions, life and womb cycle

Track your cycle and know how to care for yourself best during each phase, so you can always feel radiant, sexy and in your power


Attune to your natural rhythms so you can be more in balance with your emotions, truth, and purpose.


Soften & ease discomfort and pain so you can live in more pleasure and ease from an energetic and scientific perspective.


 Learn to work with your period in a powerful, ceremonial, and nourishing way so you can manifest all your desires with flow 

Heal your relationship to the masculine so you can receive more love, pleasure and money



...has been a term used in the last century to describe your pre-bleeding and bleeding phases in a negative way and thereby disempower you. You were not taught how to nourish your bodies during your moon time and you have been conditioned to believe periods are gross, shameful, dirty, painful and something to dread each month. 

You are not alone in experiencing pain, emotional imbalance and irregularities and uncertainty with your womb. However you feel in your body during this time is an invitation to go deeper into the depths of your womb.


Your womb is a portal for all your desires and dreams. In creating flow with your womb, you can easily manifest pleasure, money, and love.


This online course & ceremonial space is for you if...

You are Feeling...

You Desire...


One or more of the following:


Emotional or physical pain and discomfort

Wild emotions you don't understand that interfere with your life, work and relationships

Experience missing or irregular periods.

Chronic Pain through out your cycle. Back pain, PCOS, Fibroids, Vulvodynia, Endo

Confused, frazzled, shame, uninspired, or stuck around your bleed.


Old emotions, narratives, beliefs that stop you from living your best life.


Carrying energy that is not yours or blocking you from your creative life force, pleasure or sensuous nature.

Can feel disconnected from your body, the earth, or your desire.


To activate your creativity, confidence, and passion for your life, your body, your cycle, and your own rhythm. 


Connect with the earth and feel magical in your body.


To feel inspired by your bleed and embody your intuitive and primal instincts as a womxn.


Transmute pain, anger, and stuck energy into flow and softness


Hear the messages of your body and subconscious womb 


To look forward to your bleed as an invitation to go into the depths of your soul life and purpose


To work with your period to manifest, create balance and flow in your life

Know how to cycle track as a natural and safe form of birth control

To feel sexy, in pleasure, aroused and in love with your self and your relationship! 

The Truth about your bleed....

What they call “pms” is actually your body showing you old trauma that is ready to be acknowledged, seen, and transmuted through the death and shedding of your uterus lining.

Your period has the potential to support your shedding, releasing, transmuting, give you deep pleasure, and help you create the life your heart desires.

Opening January 17th

Inside Sex, Blood, Magicke...

Image by Mike


Meeting the Shadows of your Subconscious Body

Herbs and Acupressure to support your Bleed + Science of your hormones

Learn the psychology of your sub-personalities and how to meet and get to know each of your "shadows"/"sub-personalities" to the bone so they no longer run the show of your life. Learn techniques for loving and integrating your shadows so you feel like a more whole, integrated self working towards the same goal/desire, so your shadows aren't secretly sabotaging you.

This course is an introduction to the power of traditional acupressure and herbal teas to support our moon. We will be learning TCM acupressure points to press on ourselves and others to relieve symptoms such as nausea, breast ache and delayed menstruation. We will also be learning about teas to support our long term health like building our blood and supporting a regular moon cycle. This course will touch on our natural moon cycles and what this could tell us about our bodies.

Womb Warming Nourishment & Education

Learn practical tools and techniques to support your period throughout your cycle from a Meso-American perspective and Yoni Temple Methods.


Womb Massage

Herbal Medicine

Womb Oils 

Womb Warming 

Image by Nikita Tikhomirov

 Give Your Pain a Voice

Learn how to connect with the pain inside your body and talk with her, ask her where she came from and learn what traumas and energetics need to released so you can release this pain and how to do so. 


Womb Massage for cramps

Learn advanced Wise Womb Womb Massage (external abdominal massage) techniques for pain relief. Consistent practice throughout your cycle prevents cramping altogether.


Feminine Embodiment for Polarity

Learn how to more deeply embody your soft, sensitive, emotional feminine nature. Study your inner masculine and feminine energy to learn how to balance it and use the energies at different times. learn how to become a channel of feminine love through your body and create polarity between you and a masculine partner or call in love. More deeply enjoy your own essence and fall in love with yourself!

Meet Your Facilitators


Juilaila Rose

Hi beloveds, I'm Juilaila and I guide wombyn into the raw power and beauty of their feminine essence. I help womxn harness and express every face of each of the feminine archetypes. I work with the healing power of the Earth to bring wombyn back to the harmonic resonance state of their most authentic essence and guide deep earth attunement orgasmic meditations into the womb of the earth. I hold the sacred space for a wombyn's wildest most primal expression to be released, emotions to be transmuted and for the deepest bliss state heart opening.  I also use NLP techniques to help clear subconscious mental blocks and create a space for deep body-mind-soul healing. I am devoted the sacred heart path and believe in a world of women in touch with the true power and wisdom of their hearts and yonis. have been holding space for women since 2017 and co-founded Yoni Temple School in 2019 with Sam Rea.

Interested in 1:1 Private Coaching with Juilaila or want to learn if the program is for you? Schedule a free connection call to learn more.


Natalie Nava Nahüel Vie 

Meet Special Guest Facilitator,

Natalie "Nava Nahüel" Vie! Nava a self described warrior returned to the land. She is currently undergoing her Doctorate in Oriental Medicine at the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture where she studied various healing modalities including Acupuncture and Herbology. Nava also belongs to the Mexica lineage of healers called  “Curanderos de Los Pies Descalsos”. She studies traditional curanderismo with her teacher Abuela Tere in Jalisco, Mexico. In 2016, Nava was certified as a yoga teacher by Sri Dharma Mittra and under yoga alliance. Additionally, Nava is a champion fencer. She is a 4X US National Champion, 4X US Collegiate National Champion and in 2018 Nava won her first World Cup in Dubai, UAE. Later that season she assisted her team in winning the 2018 World Championships in Wuxi, China. Nava lives between Topanga Canyon, California and Sedona, Arizona. Nava regularly channels music, paints, writes poetry and creates sculptures (her first love). 2021 will be her sculpture premier at Art Basel in Miami, Florido. Nava continues to coach young fencers in Topanga Canyon and beyond and leads an online yoga program open to all who are eager to learn her unique style of meridian/chakra-based yoga and healing breath work.

Financial Investment

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Pay in Full $555

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Two Monthly Payments of $300

Click one of the buttons above to select your payment plan to register & join your sisters in a worldwide womb reclamation revolution

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