The Period is Power podcast with Hannah Grasso and Sam Rea is here to radically shift the conversation around women’s menstrual cycles, your womb, and the capacity your womb offers you as a portal for rising into your full essence and authentic code, for healing your body and this planet, and for raising the vibration and connection of all of humanity for generations to come.


Sam and Hannah

Yoni Temple School

At Yoni Temple School, we first acknowledge The Great Mystery, the One, the Source of all life. We give thanks to Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, the healing waters, the healing plants, the trees, the winds of four directions, the flowers, the stars, all our ancestors, all ascended masters of every tradition, all beings of Light who guide us and every human teacher, known and unknown, who has informed the work we pass on. We honor and give thanks to the Goddess, to the Divine Feminine which is incarnate in every woman, to the secret and ancient mysteries of the Womb and Yoni passed on to us, and to the wisdom of our own bodies. We give thanks.

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