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Join us for an in person Womxn's Samhain Full Moon & Rebirth Ceremony infused with Release Rituals, Embodied Alchemy Movement & Womb Dance Activation, a Guided Wise Womb Self-Massage & Womb Release Meditation, Altar Magic, and Full Moon Rituals w/ Chocolate, Rose Blessings and more !!

Samhain (saah-ween) is the celebration of the end of Harvest Season and a transition into the "darker-half" of the year. It is a time to honor the beauty in darkness, shed light on your shadows, and allow for the shedding of old skins so you may rebirth anew.

About the Ceremony:

This is a safe space for all womx(e)n to get clear on what you are choosing to shed at this time and be held in the power of sisterhood as you claim the next-level vision of Self that you desire for your life. May we rise together, anchoring into the medicine of heart and womb connection and releasing to Mama Gaia what no longer serves us for her to compost into fresh, new life. As we enter the portal of Autumn and Winter, we are supported by Nature to shed old layers and create space for new life and beginnings.

7pm - Gather at the location for cacao and mingling

7:30pm - The ceremony officially begins. There will be NO LATE ENTRY once circle is commenced in order to honor the container.

7:30-10:30pm - During ceremony, you will be lead through a powerful evening of release and rebirth rituals to gracefully release what's no longer serving you with gratitude and honor and then joyfully claim your next-level vision of Self. Ceremony will involve movement and dance, an emotional alchemy and grief release ritual, journaling and a fire release ritual, womb massage and meditation to plant these new seeds in the fertile soil of your womb and call on her activation to support you on your journey, circle sharing and heart connection with the other womxn, flower blessings to anchor integrate the rose codes into your system, and so much more!

*** You do not have to have a physical womb to join circle. The word "womb" represents more than just an organ, but the entirety of the energetic space that is the portal of ALL forms of creation.***

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