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water is the element of the sacral..the womb space...nourish your sacred waters with this powerful practice


with yoni temple school

are you ready?

to release old energies, emotions and stuck imprints from your womb?

to lubricate and awaken your yoni for more pleasure and lusciousness?

to ease period pain?

to feel the power of your yoni in this practice that connects you to her deeply?

to birth a whole new version of yourself?

to gain a practice you will keep with you for the rest of your life and pass on to your daughters?

then keep reading, love

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why this course?

This is not just any "how to" yoni steam class...We dive deep into the history, benefits and types of herbs to work with so you know exactly how to stay safe, to honor the lineage of this practice and what herbs to work with for what .

In addition, we include the live Yoni Steaming Ceremony we did in our Womb Wisdom Online course, in which we guide you into a deep experience with your body and womb...including movement,  meditation and the guided yoni steam, to help you connect to your yoni through the practice even more which enhances it's spiritual and emotional benefits.

Your yoni guides are Juilaila Rose and Sam Rea, womb and yoni "witches" who have been working in the field of feminine embodiment for a combined 8+ years. 

Women who had done yoni steaming before said this course "radically changed their experience of yoni steaming forever" and "introduced them to the real magic of what yoni steaming really is".

Ready to experience the hype and dive deep into your yoni?

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