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Yoni Temple

a monthly membership for wombyn dedicated living a cyclical life connected to their inner rhythm and feminine nature.

are you ready to fall in love with your womb, your body and feel in touch with your feminine strength, power, softness and ease 


once and for all?

you're in the most magically divine place then.


I can’t tell you how often we talk to women who struggle with stress, low energy, cycle imbalances, painful periods, chaotic emotions and body image issues.

They tell us I want to feel balanced and alive and in my pleasure and in my power! I want to feel consistently in tune with my pleasure and femininity and have a regular movement and meditation practice that grounds me. 

can you relate?


If so, is what you’ve been waiting for. In this monthly program, we will help you go from stressed out & in pain to feeling ALIVE, RADIANT, POWERFUL, HEALTHY and SUPPORTED in sisterhood.


We've been where you are and we know what it really takes to make a real shift towards balance in our lives.


Not so long ago we felt out of touch with our femininity, depressed, out of connection to our bodies and wombs and pleasure and we found our way HERE!


The three of us combined have multiple movement and yoga teacher training certifications, womb massage certifications and reiki certifications.

This program includes weekly classes in meditation, yoga, and embodied feminine movement and dance.

Our past clients have said "


I invite you to take a moment to imagine whats possible for you...


what would it be like to wake up each morning feeling radiant, excited, and in pleasure !?


to achieve an open heart and better sex with ease and joy?


to no longer struggle with womb pain and blocked emotions and instead feel in flow and open with life and in your body ?


This is SO possible for you


Are you ready to start making PLEASURE and ENERGY a non-negotiable in your life?


We invite you to click the magic button below to register and book a complimentary discovery call to explore what it would be like to work together deeper. <3 



(condense each one of our personal bios and something about how we came together)


Weekly Moon Flow Yoni Yoga 

With Natalie Nava Nahüel Vie. what it is, benefits and why (what it helps them 

ACHIEVE in their life!


Weekly Yoni Temple Dance

With Sam Rea or Juilaila Rose.

Yoni Temple Dance is the art of connecting to your whole body as Yoni energy...experiencing your whole body as a temple.

Dancing & creating art with your emotions, your movement and your body to explore and feel yourself in a whole new way.


This practice is amazing for:


connecting to your authentic truth within your yoni and letting your yoni- your inner WISDOM- guide your life, so your life feels more effortless instead of always making decisions from your mind and feeling confused.


for releasing stuck emotions, so you have more flow and peace in your life and relationships.

for repatterning your brain to pleasure ease and flow so your whole life feels more pleasurable.

connecting to all your inner feminine archetypes so you feel fully expressed in ALL sides of you.

connecting to your power so you can feel your strength, your willpower, your ability to go through with things all the way, and your ability to speak your truth and set boundaries in your life.


Weekly Yoni Temple Meditation

With either Sam or Juilaila. Orgasmic earth YONI temple meditation.

Connect to your inner Earth within and with the healing core power of the earth. Connect with your yoni and with the divine rainbow light cosmic yoni.

In this powerful practice you:

reset your nervous system to balance, safety, abundance, calm and ease so your life feels more flowy and less stressful

connect to your inner wisdom and allow silence for messages to come through so you live a life that feels more aligned, magical and led by your womb/source/your highest self/God/Goddess

connect to the orgasmic nature of all of Life and existence through stillness and breath so you feel more ecstatic and sensitized to pleasure in your life

re-pattern your brain to be still, listen, receive and BE so you can live a magical life connected to your inner feminine, relaxed, receptive nature and not caught up in the doing, the rush, the hustle, doing the next thing, so you can actually more fully enjoy and savor every moment of your life


Monthly new moon circle

Led by Nava, Sam, and Juilaila.

A monthly sisterhood gathering of moving and breathing together and sharing! 

This medicine is so potent when done in company with other women. While all our classes are communal, this is your monthly opportunity to share more in depth, make new friends, and heal. New Moon astrology will also be talked about to help us better understand what's happening inside so we can clear, shift, and set intentions for the next month.

In sisterhood, we rise. 


1 class

$30 drop in fee

Come try out at a class by signing up on Eventbrite!
(include link)

1 month


Includes access to all three live courses every week and recordings if you can't make it live!

3 months


includes 3 months of enrollment AND free access to Womb Wisdom Online Program (14+ courses & guided ceremonies)

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