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Divine Yoni

are you ready to claim your unshakeable self worth ?

If so, you're in the right place.

I can't tell you how often I talk to women who settle in relationships with unavailable men (& get heartbroken over and over) or they're in a relationship that is less than fully satisfying...they're settling in their work or business, their health and in their friendships.

Or how often I talk to women who are experiencing so much shame, grief, rage and trauma in their bodies/wombs due to rape, abuse, abortion, birth, or miscarriage. They feel desperately alone on their journey and long for sisterhood, a place to unravel their experiences safely, and heal.

They tell me "I know there's MORE! That I could be living a more fulfilling life of more pleasure, intimacy, and joy but I just feel stuck."

Can you relate?

If you're experiencing this deep longing for divine union and want to feel more loved, turned on and yummy inside no matter what & feel an inner, calm KNOWING and TRUST that everything you desire is on the way in divine timing...

This 1:1 program is for you.

I work with women desiring to open their yoni and voice and liberate themselves for their most authentic expression- whether that's to magnetize love, advance their career, to increase their creativity, improve their relationship or se
x life, or to heal from trauma and start living their best life whatever that means for them!

I invite you now to IMAGINE a new life for yourself...

a life full of orgasms, womb awakening and the empowerment into your fullest feminine power...

living deeply in love with your body, your pleasure, your soul and Spirit as an every day experience...

a life deeply surrendered in your feminine to being led by God...

a life of deep satisfaction, foreplay in every moment, true love, romance, and miracles...

feeling your sovereignty, power, connection to your inner warrioress and speaking & living your truth...

yes, Goddess.

you get to claim your crown too.

there's room for all of us.

the vibe around here is massive expansion, life transformation, and opening to your most wild, expressed, heart opened, creative, orgasmic, YONI embodied, feminine self!

start dreaming bigger.

are you ready to start making pleasure and self love a non-negotiable in your life?

(keep reading and apply for the program below!)

Who am I?


okay, more about me.

i'm the wild, mostly naked girl on instagram, running around, dancing, sticking my tongue out, singing, screaming, releasing, embodying, transforming, and celebrating~

in public places for the helluva it- cuz LIBERATION

in nature for my wild reclamation and deepest healing and joy- WATER is my first love

& in my live workshops around the world where I'm activating other women into this magic too. 

My older sister passed into heaven due to cancer when I was only 17 and this devastating loss opened me to my healing and spiritual journey...I first found yoga... then ecstatic dance and then feminine embodiment.


I opened my heart to truly feel grief and loss for the first time and discovered the joys of sisterhood with now close female friends for the first time.

I liberated my body and my yoni and finally felt truly ALIVE and FEELING!

I then devoted my life to studying and teaching the way of the divine feminine. In 2019, I founded Yoni Temple School with Sam Rea.

Now my favorite past times are rolling around in mud, being naked in water (especially hot springs), singing loudly, dancing, and whispering to flowers.

Along my journey, I've experienced an abortion, an initiation into motherhood, and a miscarriage. Each of these experiences, while extremely difficult brought me into a DEEP LOVE with my womb. These womb initiations taught me more about what it means to be a woman more than anything else. I went through each experience with massive amounts of ceremony, support and connection to Mother Earth, my spirit guides and my baby spirits.

After going through a doula training, I now hold ceremonial space for women going through initiations of abortion, miscarriage, pregnancy and birth. I help them express and release all the emotions, connect with their baby spirit, and come home to peace, clarity, and love with their womb through meditation, body work, and energy work. Much of the shame and trauma of these experiences comes from simply feeling alone and unguided. Unlike what society leads us to believe, there is NOTHING shameful about any of these experiences and none of these experiences should have to leave a lifelong scar or trauma. 


I've been in love with dance of all forms since a child and dancing as always been my greatest joy- however I didn't have an embodied experience until after I graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in art and film and I discovered Amba Movement. In this practice I discovered what it's actually like to be IN my body for the first time.



I created YONI DANCE with my beloved husband Jeffrey Allen Carillo, who is just as wild as me and together we guide people into contact inspired dance with touch, partnered and group dance!


We guide people into a space beyond themselves where they can experience themselves as nature, as the wild ocean moving together as one, and become all the many animals, characters and archetypes within themselves. We create a playful space where you can forget who you are and heal. Follow us at to see when the next gathering is! 

My whole life I lived inside my mind, an avid reader and top in school and university always. I lived shut down from my emotions and bodily experiences as I learned from an early age that it wasn't safe to feel.


I lived life numb and disconnected and depressed until that moment and I became a certified teacher in Amba Movement but then went on to create my own modality-Yoni Dance as a way for people to come home to their bodies, feel, breathe, connect to Spirit and actually change their cells, heal, prayer  and manifest through dance.

I teach groups of only women but I also guide it for ALL people to connect to the divine YONI, earth YONI, and YONI within.

I guide womb and body awakening, orgasmic emotional release, inner sensuousness and activate people into their wild animal, power and pleasure so we can DANCE WILD again!


But I wasn't always this way...I grew up in a small conservative town in Texas in a community that believed dancing was a sin- it wasn't even done at weddings!

I lived all my teenage years, repressed, anxious and depressed, yet I was really good at school.




Self identified- "hopeless romantic" for most of my life, I settled for casual relationships with men who were not interested in a committed relationship and who did not honor my heart.

Devastatingly heartbroken TOO MANY TIMES TO TELL....

After years of inner work, I finally rose into my true goddess self, became my own best lover, fell in love with Spirit, and attracted and magnetized the love of my life who is now my husband.

I now write and make videos about love, feminine and masculine embodiment & sexuality. I help women around the world heal their hearts & cultivate deeper love relationship with themselves + Mama Earth + Spirit through ceremony, somatic healing, vocal work, yoni dance, yoni meditation, Neurolinguistic reprogramming and subconscious healing and 1:1 coaching.

Armed with a bundle of roses, I arrive at many transformational festivals and ceremonial gatherings to offer intuitive healing, rose blessings, womb activations, body work and energy healing work. I work with the Rose, Mother Earth, God and many ascended masters of the divine feminine path, as well as tuning into your own guides and ancestors to channel the healing and messages you need.

I have wrapped up all these skills to offer you my MOST INTENSIVE, JUICY LIFE ALTERING PROGRAM YET



Divine Yoni Love

Attune to more of YOU.

Gain powerful tools for self + relational healing.

You walk away every week transformed into a new Goddess, unrecognizable to old versions of yourself.

You start living more ALIVE, free flowing and true than ever before.

I work uniquely with bringing you deeper into your OWN wisdom and healing power.

I activate you into the TRUTH of who you are and your ability to create anything you desire.

You become more radiant, sensual, magnetic, and full of YOUR alive essence and vitality.

Imagine no longer feeling heartbroken closed, lonely and discouraged...

To no longer struggle with your self worth, easily attract and deepen conscious relationships in your life...

to heal your abandonment wounds, change your story, and wake up every day feeling in love with and TURNED ON by YOU?!

This program includes weekly 1 hour sessions using all my various tools in embodiment + meditation + movement + somatic healing + ceremony + subconscious work + mindset work AND ongoing voice message support throughout the week. 


DIVINE YONI LOVE is a 6 month 1:1 journey into your own inner union and aliveness. The cost is 9k in full, two payments of 5k (one now and one 3 months from now) or 1700$ a month.

The program includes open access to ALL my programs, and courses

Click below to explore more what working with me would look like for you-



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