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Meet the

Yoni Temple School Sisters

Our Mission

The Yoni Temple School for Womb Empowerment Education is guiding womxn to remember the way of the womb and feel held and supported as they radically shift their perspective and understanding of menstruation, sex as a sacred practice, womb healing, and more. At Yoni Temple School womxn get to illuminate her womb story, shift old perspectives, and learn to live in alignment with her womb, body and the earth.


Sam Rea

Hello beloved Womxn, My name is Sam Rea and it is an honor to hold a safe space for you through the Wise Womb Way.  I am a Wise Womb Medicine Path Massage Practitioner, Certified Amba Movement instructor, with a background in Plant Spirit Medicine and Integrative Shakti Reiki Energy Healing. I help Womxn root into her own power + womb and heart. whole body earth  connection. I hold one-on-one Womb Healing Ceremonial Massage sessions and online distance Reiki sessions. It is with deep reverence to be in service to the sacred feminine, and to support all beings to feel deeply embodied, empowered, and connected to the creative wisdom inside of her womb, the earth, and her body.

Instagram: @samreaa



Hi Wild Womxn! I’m Juilaila and I'm a certified Amba Movement teacher and feminine embodiment photographer, founder of Wild Womxn Magicke photography. I guide womxn into the raw power and beauty of their essence and capture it! I help womxn harness and express every face of each of the feminine archetypes. I help womxn work through body shame through body adornment work and help womxn step into their highest goddess form through image manifestation magicke! I work with the healing power of the Earth and of Flowers to bring wombyn back to the harmonic resonance state of their most authentic essence, guide wombyn back to a sacred relationship with her menstrual cycle, and guide deep nourishment earth attunment meditations into the womb of the earth. 

Instagram: @wildwomxnmagicke


Jessa Kelton (aka


Aloha beautiful love, my name is Jessa and I am so honored to be connecting with you. I've been a lover of physical activity my entire life, and I've always found my body to be the portal to my highest and most authentic state of being. My work as a neurodiverse educator and my Master's Degree in Human Development & Psychology from UCLA have shaped my holistic approach to mind/body wellness, and strengthened my skills as a coach and mentor. My embodiment work as an Amba Movement Teacher and studying with Meghan Makena, the founder of Amba Movement, since 2016 has radically transformed my relationship with the earth and empowered me to new depths. I am passionate about sharing this incredible experience of profound love with others in my embodiment and coaching programs.   

Instagram: @embodiedbeingsrising

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