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January- June 2023
online group program

Come home to your body and spirit...
the Womb Way 



Imagine waking up and you feel snuggly, warm, excited about your day yet grounded and at feel genuinely in love with your body as you caress yourself and gently transition into your day.... you enter your day with pleasure, allowing all the simple pleasures of life to penetrate you. You allow all the little moments of love from Life to fill you up completely (the smile on your child's face, your husband's small gesture of romance, the barista's smile, the stranger's hello, the shining sun, the blooming flower..)

You overflow.


You feel resilient to challenges, stress and struggles that come up. You face all of it with the grounded roots of a giant oak, the most wide open, compassionate, loving heart and fierce boundaries. You feel deep breaths in your belly as you're able to stay calm with all that arises. You are able to meet with world with fierce love.

This reality is absolutely possible for you. This is the reality of a wombyn who has awakened her yoni. 

Your yoni (this term includes the vagina, vulva, uterus, energetic womb space, sacral and root chakras, and the pelvic bowl) is the center of your feminine body. She is the juicy center of your body and the altar for your whole life. Honor Her, and everything else will naturally flow. She is craving your loving presence and attention.

What's missing in most women's lives, relationships, health, business and spirituality is her connection to her yoni. Your yoni is your guide, your source, and a portal to your soul's deepest truth. Connecting to her is FOUNDATIONAL for your entire life as a wombyn. 

In just 6 months you will feel transformed on a cellular level. You will feel awakened to a bliss, a love of life, and a level of pleasure you never knew possible.

You will understand your body, your cycles and hormones. You'll know how to balance and work with all the phases of your womb/menstrual cycle. You will feel empowered, equipped with all the tools to heal and clear anything that comes up in your life and bring you back to deep truth of your heart. You will feel deeply in tune with your body's messages, intuition and wisdom and feel a deeper sense of trust and  connection with yourself.

from chronically stressed out to Nourished...

IMG_3501.JPG how do I get there?

Going from a dysregulated and imbalanced system is not an easy, overnight is a practice and a journey that will continue your whole life. Here are the steps that will begin your journey in this program.


  1. Re-establish trust and safety with your womb and body through embodiment.Open your body to more feeling, more pleasure and more sensation through Yoni Dance.

  2. Connect to your cycle. Understand the 4 phases. Track it. Learn how to balance hormones and practices for each phase. Connect to your energetic womb space as source of wisdom and intuition.

  3. Go deeper. Meet the shadows and pain within your womb. Clear your womb space of energetic blockages and trauma.

  4. Establish your embodiment practice as a lifestyle, keep going deeper into the work and integrate your practice into every moment of your life.

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The foundation of our Yoni Temple Embodiment (YTE) method is YONI TEMPLE EMBODIED DANCE aka YONI DANCE.


YONI- is the ancient Sanskrit (the language of the yogic texts) word for "sacred temple space" and it refers to your womb, vagina, vulva, and ovaries. I use this word because there is no English equivalent. This is the center of your body; it is your creative life force energy yet it has been shamed, traumatized and forgotten for hundreds and even thousands of years (depending on when your ancestry was colonized) by the patriarchy. Yoni also refers to the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, Mother Earth, and the Great Womb of the cosmos who birthed us all. It is an affirmation that we are always held in the womb of love!

TEMPLE- An acknowledgement and reminder of your body as a temple. Your yoni and heart are the most sacred sites of this temple.

EMBODIED- Embodiment is the art of FEELING and EXPERIENCING your body as a temple rather than thinking about it as a nice idea. Most modern humans have been shut down from their bodies' felt sense sensations. They often don't even have language for what they experience. Somatic embodiment is the art of SENSING...unwinding yourself...slowing down, feeling, becoming childlike, entering a state of present wonder, and reawakening the parts of you that have been shut down (i.e. emotions, pain, reactions) and can look like making sounds and moving your body in ways that may be socially unacceptable. When one experiences trauma in their body, it is common to retreat into the mind, thinking it is the only safe place to be. You lose a significant amount of your available power when you focus on rational mind power only. In embodiment philosophy, you don't need to "heal"- you only need to REWILD yourself from the constraints of normal society. Everything in nature heals itself. Embodiment is coming home to the truth that you are ALSO nature.

DANCE- Women have been dancing together since the beginning of life on is the ancient way we connect to our bodies, the Earth and the Divine. Dance elevates mundane life and ordinary movement into ART...aka the divine. Dance brings you into a state of expanded which you are one with the sacred, grandiose and all of Life.
Dance is the essence of feminine spirituality that has been lost in our modern, patriarchal culture and colonized society. Even modern spirituality is completely devoid of the feminine. Our bodies, our s*xuality and our dance have been shamed and shunned to the outer corners of society.

Yoni Dance is a core embodiment practice in the Yoni Temple Embodiment Method which includes cyclical living, menstrual reverence, yoni sungazing, yoni steaming, yoni de-armoring and yoni egg work.

Yoni Dance is a guided dance experience to awaken this ancient, cellular memory within you....To awaken your inner Dancer....the one within you who KNOWS how to dance...your inner Goddess, if you will.

Your inner Goddess/inner Dancer is the spirit within you who is connected to the Universe/The Great Mystery/the everything that we are all a part of.

In Yoni Dance, we work with the 5 elements within us (earth, air, water, fire and ether), the earth, the sky/cosmos above us, the 4 main feminine archetypes and your center of life force- your yoni.

The dance journeys (or "ceremonies" as I often refer to them) are an epic, dynamic workout, healing energetic practice and nervous system reset that includes breath work, self touch, movement/dance, vocal activation work, and a restorative embodiment meditation at the end while lying down.



Intuitive Feminine Bodywork

Wombyn bodies CRAVE and require touch for optimal health and happiness.

Intuitive abdominal organ massage, womb massage, lymphatic drainage breast massage, and the art of intuitive sensual touch.

Clear heart and womb blockages, support digestive system and activate your sensual, radiant, glowing, love-filled

womb and heart spaces.


Yoni Dance

This work is the heart of this training.

You will learn embodiment tools and practices to connect to your primal body wisdom, your sensuality and your somatic intuition. You will gain a toolkit of movement/breath/touch/voice practices to clear stagnant energy, heal trauma, embody boundaries, own your power/confidence and live in a more embodied way.


Cyclical Womb Wisdom

Study the 4 main hormonal phases of your cycle and the corresponding archetypes- Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Crone by keeping a womb journal and learning practices and rituals for each phase. Gain awareness and learn how to support what's going on in your body. Learn fertility awareness/cycle tracking for natural birth control, conscious conception and contraception.



Yoni Power with crystal wands and eggs

Connect to the power of your yoni even deeper through the use of crystal wands and crystal eggs. These tools are powerful for toning, de-armoring, clearing old traumas stuck in the tissue, activating, increasing pleasure capacity massaging, and strengthening.



Yoni Steaming and
Yoni Sunning 

Learn the basics of these simple and ancient practices that will change your relationship with your yoni. Awaken her sensation and feeling through sunlight/steam. These practices tone, lubricate, clear old energies, regulate hormones, regulate your nervous system, and fill you with energy, s*x drive and a radiant yoni glow! Integrate this practice into your monthly cycle routine. Connect intentionally with these practice through my guided meditations.



Yoni Earth Resonance

Deep energetic clearing and rest through embodied meditation. Connect to your subconscious womb and heal old wounds. Receive messages from your womb and also connect to your womb as a portal to God/The Divine to receive messages, healing and light.

Yoni Consciousness

The feminine is rising

And womxn are desiring tangible ways to awaken their latent intuitive feminine power their full expression their sexuality/sensuality as divinity and to tap into their healing gifts


Are you feeling the call to tap in deeper on your spiritual path in the way of the feminine?


Are you desiring to feel a softness inside? To nurture and deeply nourish your body and soul?


To learn how to feel, access the deep power and gift of your emotions, make art, and cultivate an embodiment practice that is in sync with your cyclical nature?


This is for you if you desire to…


Activate the wisdom of your body, womb, & intuition without self doubt.


Develop a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the cycles of  your body, your womb, the earth, & with others.


Find pleasure in your menstrual cycle and harness the power of your monthly bleed.


Discover authentic embodiment of your pleasure and sensuality.


Stand strong in your boundaries & stop the cycle of people pleasing. 


Be held in a safe space for you to let go of lifetimes of personal and generational patterns.


Feel confident and free in voicing your truth and aligning with your truest expression.


Honor your yoni, womb, and body without doubt, guilt or shame.


The Curriculum:

At the end of each month (we start at the end of January), 3 embodiment trainings will be released as recordings for you to focus

on practicing and integrating.

1 live group ceremony the last Wednesday of every month 7-8:30pm pst.

This will be a monthly program that continues on forever because embodiment is a never ending journey...there are infinite practices for me to share and it always goes deeper. You can choose to sign up for 3 months or 6 month at a time and just keep renewing after that. Below is the outline for the next 6 months



 Wise Woman Archetype &
Ether Element


Go deep into the gestation of winter and the element of Ether by traveling into the cosmos of your womb.

Journey with ether in yoni dance, yoni earth resonance meditation and yoni steaming.

Cycle tracking and menstrual reverence course.




Feminine Bodywork &
Air Element.


Learn womb and abdominal massage  to support deep womb connection. Learn breast massage for lymphatic drainage, cysts, and heart opening. 

Learn self touch practices to support your body's opening.

Journey deeper into the Air element through the Yoni Dance.



Maiden Archetype &
Fire Element

Study more deeply the energetics of Spring/the maiden archetype/the follicular womb phase and study Fire element through Yoni Dance.



Water Element &
Mother Archetype

Learn how to support the Mother archetype/ovulation phase and study with the water element in Yoni Dance.

Vocal Activation.

Feel the intuitive, yoni voice of your body.

Sing and speak from the core of your womb.  



Yoni work with wands and eggs.
Enchantress Archetype and
Earth Element.

Learn how to begin or deepen your practice with a yoni wand and egg. Inserting wands/eggs/hands is totally optional depending on where you're at in your healing and embodiment journey.

Dive deeper into the Enchantress archetype + earth element through Yoni Dance.

Learn womb-manifestation and pleasure prayer. Experience a pleasure prayer manifestation circle in our live Yoni Dance ceremony.



Divine Feminine & Masculine Healing. 

Awaken your inner divine masculine, connect with your inner man, heal past masculine relationships, and let your masculine and feminine work come into Union.

You have options...


You choose to sign up for either 3 months or 6 months of the monthly ceremonies and practices at a time and you get 1:1 sessions with me 3x a month which also includes access to me in between via voice and text message.

My 1:1 sessions are unique in that I combine my years of experience in subconscious work, neurolinguistic reprogramming, conscious mind and mindset work, somatic healing and psychology. We explore trauma, inner child work, past life work, blocks, emotions, shadows, beliefs, and anything else keeping you from living your most epic, big, juicy life you are worthy of. 

This work is the perfect compliment to the mystical and deeply embodied womb and body work we're doing in the program as it helps INTEGRATE the work we're doing in the body with your subconscious and conscious mind.

This work also opens and expands your ability to bypass conscious mind and more easily access your subconscious realm, your imagination and expands your visual and psychic gifts, seeing into other timelines and realms. Visualization is a muscle and therefore a super power you can build. 

It's actually vital to be working with mind, subconscious and body; to work with ALL parts of self to really move forward, step into your highest self and to manifest so I HIGHLY recommend choosing to go all in.

Working with me is a sacred and intimate relationship I take very seriously. My 1:1 clients are soulmate relationships who enter the realm of my heart and prayer. I am fully devoted to supporting your path, calling you out on where you're staying small and I hold you accountable to the HIGHEST VISION you have for yourself. 

HOWEVER I know this may be inaccessible for some even with the monthly payment plan so there is an option to do this program without 1:1 support.



*financial exchange options listed in the application

Hi...I'm Juilaila

pronounced: JU-LIE-LA

I believe that every wombyn deserves access to this wisdom and information I share in this program.

To me, this is FOUNDATIONAL knowledge to being on earth and being in a wombyn’s body.


Every wombyn should know the basic functions and cycles, biology, inner workings and capacity of her body.


Every wombyn should know how to tune inwards, feel connected to her inner truth, confidence, radiance and intuition.


Every wombyn should know- on an embodied, cellular level- that she is MAGICAL, POWERFUL, SOVEREIGN, WHOLE, FREE and CONNECTED to yoni/source consciousness.

When I began my embodiment journey, I was only 17, I had just lost my older sister to cancer, and I was in the darkest place of my life. In my first yoga class, I felt my body for the very first time- it was only for a moment but I felt it. It took years and years from that day for me to start feeling safe in my body enough to feel the pileup of all the emotions I had never felt my whole life. It took me a year after my sister's death to cry

(for the first time since infancy.)

Growing up in the trauma of my fundamentalist "christian" religious environment in Texas,  my body learned that it wasn't a safe place to be so I stayed safe in the safe realms of my logical mind. My emotions also learned that they weren't safe to express, so I buried those down real deep and gained a fabulous protection barrier around my heart.

I said I would never love.

I said I wasn't interested in men, yet also somehow desperate to be loved by them.

I was deeply disconnected from my feminine, (body, feeling, intuition, emotion, and sensuality) yet I was on a spiritual QUEST. I had no idea YET that my feminine would be the key to my spiritual path....


I knew science and quantum physics pointed to the vast mysteriousness of the universe but all this spiritual stuff felt way too woo-woo. A trust Epicurean empiricist, I needed to EXPERIENCE it first hand to believe it. In university, I studied world religion and philosophy and switched my major to Art so that I could study the great mysteries of the inner world and express my experiences through an art practice.

In the search, I found myself in yoga classes, ecstatic dance, breath work classes, plant medicine ceremonies, in sweat lodges working with elders, in a blindfolded trance dance in a basement in France, 3 months in India staying at ashrams, and on a 2 week journey with an indigenous woman who took me to reservations across the

U.S. as her documentary filmmaker.


Then I found the practice of feminine embodied movement. Dancing with the Goddess in the mountains of Topanga, my entire masculine quest for all the answers fell away...

I had found it.

& it was right here in my body,

the place I had been running from.

It was Me.

The Goddess lived in me.

The Goddess was pleasure, bliss,

and the expanse beyond the mind.

& She lived in my dance, in my breath,

in the mountains and in my womb.

My new devotional search was now THIS.

I graduated school and dedicated my life to a different kind of study.

A mystical study of my body and soul.

I trained with my teacher in Topanga for years and received a teacher training certification in her feminine embodied yoga, movement and dance practice.

I retreated from the world and started to spend all my time in nature, meditating, practicing and dancing, experiencing myself on deeper and deeper levels.


I started to teach, host retreats, and I continued my study of embodiment,

dance, trauma healing, somatics, tantra, yoni pleasure work,

nervous system work and subconscious mind work. 

In this study, I began to accept that I was WOMAN.

My body was powerful, unique and distinctly different than a man's. From my lifetime as a feminist and gender nonconformist, I was insistent that men and women were no different, and that gender was merely a construct.

But now I had felt my yoni.

So I went on to deeper understand my womb cycles, the phases, my hormones, and my unique mysteries by studying with womb workers and birth doulas and feminine health experts.

I am humbled, grateful and ecstatic to be offering you this embodiment program to guide you home to your body

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