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Rise into Pleasurable Feminine Leadership



Sept 17th-October 2nd

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Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

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Womb Massage

Learn womb massage basics to support uterus placement for period cramps, blatter support digestive issues, anxiety, feelings of separation, disconnection and more. Anchored in Meso-American practices guided by Sam Rea


Yoni Dance and Movement

Learn to guide transformative and empowering movement and embodiment sessions focusing on Yoni Yoga to support sensual awakening, manifestation through the body, clearing stagnation, and creative life force flow.


Intuitive Feminine

Embody your inner wise womxn as you open to your intuitive healing abilities. Learn to hold space for your 1:1 sessions and guide the body to open through breath work, energy healing, plant and flower blessings, and touch. 



Yoni wand De-armoring and yoni eggs

Learn how to deepen your practice with a yoni wand and egg and how to guide others and initiate them into practice with a wand/egg. Learn how to hold space for a group wombyn's yoni wand pleasure circle. 


Yoni Steaming 

Learn the basics and herstory of Yoni Steaming and how to guide a yoni steaming circle that supports all wombyn. Learn the best herbs to use and how to work intuitively with plants and how to best guide the circle as a guided ceremony experience.



Yoni/Womb Clearings and Yoni Meditation

Learn how to hold ceremonial space, connect with Spirit and the elements, how to build altars, and how to guide powerful meditations. 




Taking charge of your life and leading from feminine pleasure to create your dreams and projects and the life you desire.

Having the tools to heal and empower yourself and others, holding space for women's circles and 1:1 sessions.

Living a life connected to your magnetic essence and truth as a healer, guide, artist and leader

The Goddess moves through YOU, to spread light and healing on this planet.

YOU are HERE because you have a calling to rise into your fullest expression, purpose, leadership, radiance, and power!


Step into your full voice, essence and power as a leader, healer and guide, guiding all wombyn back to wholeness within her womb

The Curriculum:
Upon purchase of this program you will receive our signature program Yoni Temple School Online Program that includes all the basics of Womb Embodiment as pre-requisite; it contains  15+ courses and 12 video call ceremony sessions. You can start the course before we begin our in person sessions and complete this over the course of our 3 months together. 

We will have 6 in person weekends outlined below. We designed it this way so that you have space to integrate the teachings in between and practice teaching on others. You will also receive book recommendations and a physical manual for your reference in everything we go over.


Module 1
September 17th-19th

Opening Circle:  Complimentary Retreat in the Redwoods!

For non-facilitator attendees: OPTION TO ATTEND JUST THE 3 DAY RETREAT for $1111
email us at for more info

Rewild your divine feminine essence and pleasure awakening in the womb of the Red woods, near the Yuba River. Return to the home of your heart and body where you will be guided to open to the fullness of your receptive nature. Energetically clear blockages stored in your womb and  activate the codes and wisdom of your body, aligning you to your most authentic expression and truest self. In between sessions we will be enjoying the river, the private waterfall on the property, soaking in the hot tub and enjoying the redwoods.


Module 2
September 22nd-23rd
10am-5pm daily

Embody your Leadership & Womb 


Module 3
September 24th-25th 
10am-5pm daily

Heart & Wing Activation

Open through your heart and womb connection, activating your wings. Open to receive the fullness of your body as temple and soften into your receptive nature, strengthening your ability to hold space  in compassion, working with the Wise Womb Way. Learn to create and channel, empowering womb meditation journeys. 

Feel the intuitive voice of your body and speak from the core of your womb. Embody your leadership confidence and anchor into the wisdom of your inner healer. Journey into the energetics of your pelvic bowl, home of your womb, spine, rib cage, and learn to guide others to connect to their body, clearing energetic and ancestral imprints stored in the body through spiral feminine movement and yoni yoga.


 Module 4
Septmeber 26th-27th
10am-5pm daily

Divine Feminine & Masculine Healing


Module 5
September 28th-29th
10am-5pm daily

Ceremonial Womb Activation


Module 6
September 30th-October 2nd
10am-5pm daily

Closing Circle: Pleasure Portal 

Awaken your primordial feminine, 

animal body and rise into your inner sacred masculine, leading you into your highest timeline. Learn to work with feminine and masculine energy to create structure in your life and in your healing spaces. Anchor into your primal light body, creating energetic armor, learning to energetically protect yourself and create safe ceremonial space. 

Learn womb massage basics to support uterus placement for period cramps, blatter support digestive issues, anxiety, feelings of separation, disconnection and more. Anchored in Meso-American practices guided by Sam Rea. Learn to guide yoni steam ceremonies to clear energetic imprints and creative blocks stored in the womb.

Learn how to deepen your practice with a yoni wand and egg and how to guide others and initiate them into practice with a wand/egg and hold space for a group wombyn's yoni wand pleasure circle. Manifest from your womb and birth the visions of your hearts truest desire. Close the facilitator training portal as you step into and embody the confidence of a womb facilitator. Work with visioning and clarity on how you desire to birth your gifts into the world manifested through a group pleasure circle. 


Daily we will..

Practice breath work, movement, meditation, body work and massage, partner exercises that facilitate sisterhood connection + healthy female relating, learn leadership embodiment tools, have instructed learning talks, and have time for YOU to practice teaching/guiding/facilitating what we've learned so that you can learn how to contact your own womb voice, how to hold ceremonial space and how to strengthen your light body and keep your own energy clear and not take on other's energies.


After the first retreat weekend, every weekend following you will be practicing hands on body work/womb massage and practicing guiding our group in movement, breath and meditation practices.


You will be expected to practice teach on friends and family in our time in between to hone in your teaching and healing skills. 


Who is this for?

This womb embodiment facilitator training is intended for leaders, coaches, space holders looking to expand your capacity, strength, power, radiance, enjoyment and pleasure as a guide and who want to expand your knowledge and capacity to include womb work.

This is also for anyone who knows inside you are a healer and guide and medicine woman and you are looking to IGNITE that within yourself, even if you have never led anything or held space before.

This is also for doctors, nurses, and those in the medical field who are desiring a more holistic perspective and connection with your womb space to add to and inform your practice.

This is also for you even if you have no desire to teach or hold space but you are looking to gain a deeper connection with and understanding of your womb, your yoni, and your body. This training will be a deep dive into all these aspects of healing so you can truly be your own healer. The leadership training and embodiment tools will apply into every aspect of your life and enhance all of you who are and support all of what you do. 



The Financial Investment for this journey is $4,495. There are payment plans available.

Book you interview call below with Juilaila or

Sam Rea or email us to take the next step towards your womb journey!

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Presented by Yoni Temple School Co-Creatresses Sam Rea and Juilaila.

Sam Rea and Juilaila have been weaving together since 2019 co-facilitating womb work, wombyn's circles, and curating magical and profound internal healing experiences for wombyn. With a focus on trauma informed practices, they create safe space for all to feel held, and come home to their heart, truth, and body.