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Womb Retreat

Rewild your Primal Feminine

September 17th-19th 2021

*This retreat is included as complimentary for all those registered for the Womb Facilitator Training. If you are not registered for the facilitator training, you are still welcome to join this retreat.


Womb Healing, Pleasure, & Sisterhood

Three days of womb healing, earth connection, pleasure, play, massage, movement, dance, goddess activation and sisterhood.

A heart opening and transformational activation, for all women who desire to  expand your capacity for receptivity and pleasure. Feel empowered in your own body and harness the power of your natural rhythms to

create the life you dream of.

A Transformational Weekend of...

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Forest Womb Retreat 2021

Drop into your intuitive knowing. Reconnect with your sacred center of creative energy, your expansive heart, wild spirit, and Divine Nature. Reclaim the wisdom and guidance from your inner Wise Woman. Connect deeper with the support of the Earth, Spirit and Source energy.


This retreat incorporates daily embodied movement & breathwork classes, earth-body meditation journeys, womb dance and movement,  sound healing, flower blessing ceremonies, herbal plant spirit journeys, breast and womb self-massage circles, a fire drumming ceremony, heart-song circles, group foraging walk... and more!

The private dome shaped home in the heart of Nevada City, CA, provides a rustic-style escape with breathtaking views of the majestic  Red Woods Forest and is located near the Yuba River. Enjoy classes and circles in the sacred  dome shaped home, under the stars, and explorations in nature.

Space is limited to 12 wombyn.

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What's Included

  • 3 retreat days 

  • daily movement classes, womb work, breath work, and earth-body meditation journeys

  • Plant based & organic catered meals

  • Lodging included/ shared room or camping optional

  • Nature Connection & Meditation

  • Breast and womb self-massage circles

  • Womb Ceremonies & Embodiment Circles



"Before the retreat I felt a little run down spiritually, kind of like floating not knowing which way to go next. Now I feel so empowered with knowledge about my womb, sacred masculine and many more things and I feel like I know now how to better access feelings inside my body, especially when it comes to information stored in my womb."

-Jenna M.

"Sam Rea and Juilaila are wonderful, fearless facilitators of female empowerment and it was worth every dime I spent to be able to share in this cultivation of unconditional love with such a stellar group of women! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"


"This is a truly magical experience of self exploration, sensing your essence, an opportunity to sense what you truly desire and knowing it desires you back."

-Merari T. 



Day 1 - Goddess Activation


4pm Arrive and settle

5pm Plant Based Organic Dinner + Sharing our Womb Stories

6pm Opening Ceremony - Flower Blessing + Illuminate the Yoni Rose Portal meditation

7p Sensual Stretching, Heart Opening Rose activation, orgasmic pleasure movement

8p Wise Womb Massage partnering


Day 2 - Saturday

9am Plant based Organic Breakfast

11am Yuba River Sacred Waters Movement + Breath Journey

1pm Plant Based Organic Lunch

2pm Activate Your Primal Goddess

3pm Crystalize Your Water Body + Wise Woman Meditation

4pm Plant Spirit Medicine tea journey 

5pm Plant based Organic Dinner 

6p Heart opening Cacao circle

7pm Heart Song Circle around the Fire, Opening Yoni + Throat Portal Connection



Plant based Organic Breakfast

Inner Goddess Movement Journey

Womb Birth Portal movement ceremony

Earth Womb Release

Closing Circle Ceremony


Herbal Plant Spirit Journeys, is an invitation to connect with the sacred plants of mother earth, open to recieve healing from herbal allies: physically and spiritually, through the wisdom of Mother Earth. During a plant journey, you are guided to meditate with a plant and connect through your body, learn about the energetics and properties of plants, creating relationship with the earth, land, and plants as sentient beings, teachers, elders, and healers. 



The Forest Womb retreat will be held in the sleepy, redwood forest town characterized by the Yuba river. We will soak in the hot tub at our beautiful retreat location, swim in the private waterfall on the property and visit the Yuba River for a ceremonial cleansing swim. This location is absolutely perfect for an intimate, healing weekend to drop into the magic of Mother Earth. 


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Plant Based Organic Nourishment


Enjoy meals made with all-organic, vegan ingredients from the farmer's market cooked into delectable soups and salads to nourish your body temple with the purest of Prana, life-force energy. All food will be made and blessed by our chef goddess, Nyle Rose. 

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"They are a perfect example of healthy sisterhood. Each uniquely and authentically in her power. Sam Rea and Juilaila are always fully themselves and they meet each other's energy without dimming themselves or each other. It is really beautiful! This allows for integration of more lessons because there is no compromise needed; their differences compliment each other so well. They each bring their own magic to the table."

-Melissa E. 



Sam Rea

Sam's teachings are rooted in Meso American Culture and ancestral wisdom, holding space for Womxn to return back home in their body, feeling connected to their intuition and the earth, supporting all to feel held and seen, reclaiming  their expression and heart centered truth, unapologetically. 



Juilaila’s teaching is grounded in her deep love for and connection with the spirit of the earth. She is passionate about every woman living in love with who she is, knowing that all of creation is blessed by her presence and existence on earth. 



payment plans available

Sam Rea and Juilaila have been weaving together since 2019 co-facilitating womb work, wombyn's circles, and curating magical and profound internal healing experiences for wombyn. With a focus on trauma informed practices, they create safe space for all to feel held, and come home to their heart, truth, and body.

Have any questions? 

Ask us on your call!

We'd love to talk with you and see if this retreat is an aligned match for you.

Price Includes: 3 retreat days, 3 organic vegan meals, all classes and workshops, cacao ceremony, herbal plant spirit journey. 


Not included in package price: Your transportation to and from Grass Valley. 

Arrivals and Departures: All guests will fly or drive into Grass Valley, CA. Transportation is not included.

Cancellation Policy: All payments are non refundable, but are transferrable to a future retreat if a personal or family emergency arises and you have proper documentation. 

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What Others Are Saying

"I would say it is worth every penny and then some. Before coming across the ad for the immersion on IG I told my higher self that if she just sent me a way I would take it without question. I did and the rewards have been incredible!"

"This is a truly magical experience of self exploration, sensing your essence, an opportunity to sense what you truly desire and knowing it desires you back."

"Do it! Sam Rea and Juilaila are wonderful, fearless facilitators of female empowerment and it was worth every dime I spent to be able to share in this cultivation of un-conditional love with such a stellar group of women! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

"Don't think about it and just do it. You won't regret it. It's hard to explain exactly what you do and experience that weekend, but it's worth it."

 "You get to take a deep dive into who you are because of the loving sacred space that’s created. This opportunity allows for much growth and healing. There is loving community and a deep love and appreciation for every woman’s process here." 

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